[Swan-dev] weird sanitization in idtoa()+dntoa()

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Sun Sep 8 18:02:55 UTC 2019

First, does anyone know a way to first create a DN containing !isprint()
and then get it past NSS - pluto should only look at certs after the've
been NSS approved and NSS could be rejecting bad DNs (anyone?) which could
make the below largely academic.

Now some background on DN/ID sanitizing.  I think things can be reduced to:

%.*s, len, ptr - dumps a raw string into a buffer stopping at len or NUL -
this is what "raw text" means in the below
escape_metachar() replaces shell meta characters ('"...) with \NNN but
leaves !isprint() alone
sanitize_string() replaces !isprint() with \NNN

dntoa() - dumps the DN as raw text
str_dn() - calls dntoa() and then calls sanitize_string()
idtoa() (and str_id) - dumps an ID into a buffer; but then scribbles on the
result replacing !isprint() with '?'; since it calls dntoa() it applies to
the raw DN
jam_id_escaped (it was called something else before): calls idtoa() so
!isprint()->''?' and then escape_metachar() so '$... -> \.

hopefully I've got this right (and I've managed to spread the confusion :-)

So how is it used?

First there's logging.   Here I don't think it matters (just as long as
!isprint() is sanitized).
For no obvious reason we've got idtoa() using '?' and str_dn() using \NNN
(like sanitize_string()) - so I figure changing everything to the \NNN is

Next there's shell variables and here's where things get weird:

- .._DN='...': the code calls dntoa()+escape_metachar() which means that
while shell metachars are escaped !isprint() is not - so, in theory the
shell variable could contain escape characters ...
- ..._ID='...': the code calls jam_id_escaped() which means metachars get
escaped and !isprint() becomes '?' - the shell variable doesn't match the

Anyone?  My guess is that it doesn't matter but !isprint() should probably
be suppressed. The obvious choice is:
- !isprint() -> \NNN but that will trip up on shell escapes - \ would end
up being escaped :-)
- metachar -> \meta - fine
but remember !isprint() is off script so the choice is arbitrary.


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