[Swan-dev] nic:%NULL

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Thu Sep 5 03:48:28 UTC 2019

A number of tests seem to be failing for a reason I don't understand.

testing/pluto/ikev1-algo-esp-null-01 failed nic:%NULL
testing/pluto/ikev1-hostpair-01 failed east:output-different nic:%NULL 
testing/pluto/ikev1-hostpair-02 failed nic:%NULL
testing/pluto/ikev2-hostpair-02 failed nic:%NULL
testing/pluto/ikev2-hostpair-03-initial-contact failed nic:%NULL
testing/pluto/newoe-18-cop-cop failed nic:%NULL
testing/pluto/newoe-18-cop-clear failed nic:%NULL
testing/pluto/newoe-18-private-poc failed nic:%NULL
testing/pluto/newoe-18-private-private failed nic:%NULL
testing/pluto/newoe-18-private-clear failed nic:%NULL 
testing/pluto/newoe-18-clear-poc failed nic:%NULL road:output-different

I *think* that's because testing/utils/fab/post.py line 295 is looking for 
a .../OUTPUT/nic.pluto.log and isn't finding one.

There don't seem to be any nic.pluto.log files in any of the OUTPUT 

Is this error pointing out something broken in my setup, or is this 
warning spurious?  I don't see this problem here:

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