[Swan-dev] Heads up: you'll need to rebuild your KVMs

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Thu May 9 16:33:17 UTC 2019

Paul's pushing test results based on the 5.0x kernel so to get things
to match, your KVM's kernel needs an upgrade.

Up until now, we've been really careful to not upgrade the kernel:
- new kernels broke KLIPS builds
- identical kernels meant identical behaviour
and to this end the VMs' DNF was crippled (exclude=kernel* added to
/etc/dnf/dnf.conf) as part of the install.  But KLIPS is no more.

The easiest way to get the new kernel is to blow everything away and
start again:
    make kvm-demolish
    make kvm-install


PS: if you really really want to avoid re-building the base domain, try:
  # log into the base domain; remove the exclude=kernel* line
  make kvmsh-base
  ... # edit /etc/dnf/dnf.conf removing exclude= ..
  ... # poweroff
  # force the upgrade and then re-install
  make kvm-upgrade
  make kvm-install

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