[Swan-dev] odd error only on ppc64 on rhel6

Antony Antony antony at phenome.org
Tue Jun 18 13:34:00 UTC 2019

so based on this long discussions the final proposal is:

diff --git a/mk/userland-cflags.mk b/mk/userland-cflags.mk
+WERROR_CFLAGS?=-Werror -Wno-missing-field-initializers

As long as we want to support CentOS6 or older compilers we should add this.  
I know it works on CentOS 6 and clang. Currently CentOS 6 is broken, Travis 
tests, due to the fowling error. 

Tumo's work around is WERROR_CFLAGS=''  He is pushing this for travis, 
CentOS 6 testing too. I hopping there is a better fix.

On Mon, Jun 17, 2019 at 02:08:40AM -0400, D. Hugh Redelmeier wrote:
> | [1]
> | https://travis-ci.org/antonyantony/libreswan/builds/546142308
> | /home/build/libreswan/lib/libswan/addr_lookup.c:67:6: error: implicit declaration of function 'printf' [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
> |       printf("found peer %s to interface %s\n",
> Interesting.
> 1) this probably deserves its own thread.  It may not be noticed at the 
>    bottom of an unrelated message.
> 2) I just did
> 	git pull
> 	make clean
> 	make base
>    and did not observe this.  Perhaps it is fixed?

not likely. Did you test on CentOS 6? The error only show up on CentOS. As I 
recollect it started showing up recently, 2019, and on IRC the comment was 
too old compiler, ignore it. Then I thought something for Hugh to ponder!


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