[Swan-dev] ikev2-algo-01-modp2048-initiator

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Sun Feb 3 03:33:28 UTC 2019

On Sat, 2 Feb 2019, D. Hugh Redelmeier wrote:

> Subject: Re: [Swan-dev] ikev2-algo-01-modp2048-initiator
> I have a similar problem with ikev2-algo-02-modp2048-responder.
> I imagine whatever fixes one will fix the other.

It is a little unclear what this was testing. It is failing now because
SHA1 is no longer in the list of defaults transforms. If i replace
sha1 with sha2 the test works again. But like I said, I don't know
what it is really testing.... The test names suggest it is testing
a modp group?

So for now i changed these tests to sha2.


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