[Swan-dev] Libreswan library not taking CRLs from the certificate link.

Utkarsh Kumar utkarshkumar84 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 16:59:10 UTC 2019

Hi Everyone,
         I have a application where I am establishing IPSEC connection
between two linux machines using libreswan which is happening successfully.

I have enabled strict crl check in config with interval of 60 sec.



End Certificate:

[image: Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 10.23.45 PM.png]

But the CRL list is not updating automatically. In the logs I am seeing
following error. Can anyone please help me with the solution here.


Dec 17 18:46:05: | *time to check crls

Dec 17 18:46:05: | attempting to add a new CRL fetch request

Dec 17 18:46:05: | could not find CRL URI ext -8157

Dec 17 18:46:05: | no distribution point available for new fetch request

Dec 17 18:46:05: | next regular crl check in 60 seconds

Thanks in Advance !!


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