[Swan-dev] testing: Strongswan is unhappy on my newly set up machine

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Wed Oct 24 02:37:34 UTC 2018

I see new messages like
+strongswan 5.6.3 must be installed

+no config named 'westnet-eastnet-ikev1'

Does that mean that I don't have (some part of) Strongswan installed on 
the virtual machines?

Strongswan is covered in 

That seems very stale.

The fedora 28 updates repo has:

strongswan.x86_64 5.7.1-1.fc28
strongswan-charon-nm.x86_64 5.7.1-1.fc28
strongswan-libipsec.x86_64 5.7.1-1.fc28
strongswan-sqlite.x86_64 5.7.1-1.fc28
strongswan-tnc-imcvs.x86_64 5.7.1-1.fc28

Should our VM spinning code install some of these?

(Remember, I'm trying to follow our instructions rather naively as a
way of finding bugs in them.)

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