[Swan-dev] simple setup

Kim B. Heino b at bbbs.net
Fri Oct 5 07:21:13 UTC 2018

> > I keep seeing people, in various venues, saying that wireshark is
> > wonderful.  

Same is also true for openvpn vs libreswan.

> > Paul (or anyone else): can you create simple instructions for
> > setting up a VPN that has feature-parity with Wireshark?  
> https://libreswan.org/wiki/VPN_server_for_remote_clients_using_IKEv2

Problems with that page, when comparing to wireguard/openvpn setup

- too long
- looks way too complex
- looks scary ("change registry key or it's insecure!!!")
- hard to find: first time users don't know what IKEv1 vs v2 vs split vs
  XAUTH means

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