[Swan-dev] simple setup

Lennart Sorensen lsorense at csclub.uwaterloo.ca
Thu Oct 4 18:22:22 UTC 2018

On Thu, Oct 04, 2018 at 02:13:47PM -0400, D. Hugh Redelmeier wrote:
> I keep seeing people, in various venues, saying that wireshark is 
> wonderful.
> Paul claims that Libreswan configuring is just as simple if the problem is 
> reduced to the scope of wireshark.
> Paul (or anyone else): can you create simple instructions for setting up a 
> VPN that has feature-parity with Wireshark?
> For bounus points: add supplemental instructions for the most compelling 
> features that a Wireshark user might want but cannot have.
> I'd like a Wiki page or something like it to point people at when they 
> start talking about Wireshark.

Did you mean WireGuard?

WireShark is a packet capture tool after all. :)

Len Sorensen

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