[Swan-dev] one contributor to slow testing

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Mon May 21 00:59:36 UTC 2018

I generally run all tests at once and go to bed.  But today I decided to 
run just one test to see if a fix I made was correct.

I did
	make kvm-check KVM_TESTS=testing/pluto/ikev2-48-nat-cp-start

It seems to spend most of its time doing something that involves printing 
2677 filenames like:

I'm guessing that it is backing up every other test run I've ever made.  
They were probably already backed up a bunch of previous times.

Whatever that is about, I think that it is a large waste of time.

==> What is this doing?

==> Is it useful?

==> Can it be sped up?  xargs?

==> Can we at least stop wasting 2677 log lines?

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