[Swan-dev] heads up EFENCE=-lefence -> USE_EFENCE=true (for seccomp)

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Tue May 1 17:05:27 UTC 2018

It seems that the easiest way to fix the seccomp-* test failures (they
fail because the testsuite uses Electric Fence, and that wants to call
madvise()) is to simply register the missing system calls with
seccomp.  So as to not subvert the whole point of seccomp, I'll wrap
the code in #ifdef USE_EFENCE.

Rather than add a hack, I'm going to change how Electric Fence is
enabled so it is consistent with other build parameters i.e., using
USE_EFENCE=true.  This means, instead of:
    make EFENCE=-lefence
   make USE_EFENCE=true
(or just put it into Makefile.inc.local).

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