[Swan-dev] Useful error?

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Mon Jul 23 16:29:41 UTC 2018

| From: Andrew Cagney <andrew.cagney at gmail.com>

| I like the idea but I'm not sure about the error being printed - it
| makes me think of a Microsoft joke - while the information provided is
| technically correct it is completely useless :-)

Better to report an error where it is discovered than hope the null
action will somehow work out.

| My guess (I really don't know) is that, when %default is specified an
| error is needed as it won't get resolved?

I don't know either.  We don't have a test case.  I don't really
understand the code that normally runs (I strongly suspect that it
isn't as straight-forward as it could be).

When in doubt, complain.  If it isn't obviously correct, we should not
assume that it is correct.  After all this is security-critical code.

The new messages cost nothing, not even code space, in our normal
configurations.  Sadly, this also means that the code isn't even
tested for errors that can be detected at compile-time.

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