[Swan-dev] please look at test newoe-27-replace-sa-authnull

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Thu Jul 19 00:31:33 UTC 2018

It fails with lots of missing XFRMs in road.console.diff

When I look in east.pluto.log, I see this which seems suspicious:

"authenticated"[1] #3: STATE_PARENT_R1: received v2I1, sent v2R1 {auth=IKEv2 cipher=aes_gcm_16_256 integ=n/a prf=sha2_512 group=MODP2048}
"authenticated"[1] #3: Peer ID 'ID_NULL' mismatched on first found connection and no better connection found
"authenticated"[1] #3: responding to AUTH message (ID 1) from with encrypted notification AUTHENTICATION_FAILED

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