[Swan-dev] status of failing tests

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Fri Jan 26 00:52:27 UTC 2018

The tests seem to have gotten fairly consistent. There is a still a
group of problems:

- dpd / liveness tests need a redesign to avoid constant false positives
- ipv6 tests have unexplained packet flow issues
- some traffic counters are off by a byte or 3. seems our kernels might
- not yet valid tests are failing for unknown reasons
- "MS+S=C" string mismatch due to auto-detect modecfgserver based on addresspool
    (printing of that string needs fixing, but its a rat hole)

Some specific test cases of interest:

xauth-pluto-24-static-addresspool	shows the group ID with PSK lease problem
xauth-pluto-22				same
nss-cert-crl-03				missing issuer line?
newoe-08-ike-replace-responder		additional unexplained policies
some strongswan psk tests		they gained a cert despite swan-prep wiping them?
ikev2-10-2behind-nat			not sure, lots of things going wrong?


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