[Swan-dev] debian continuous integration

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at fifthhorseman.net
Thu Nov 16 00:50:32 UTC 2017

Hi folks--

I want to have more regular full-stack roundtrip tests for libreswan in

So i wrote the following simple test for debian's continuous integration


as you can see, i'm just triyng to get the configuration-free
opportunistic workflow to Just Work (this is what i want to be able to
recommend to users who don't have time to think through a stronger

However, it has never succeeded.  This is initially because i configured
the debian test suite wrong :P but now i've configured it right, and
it's still failing.

here's the log of it failing currently:


Am i doing something wrong in the test?  is the responder at
oe.libreswan.org something i can rely on for this purpose?

Thoughts and suggestions welcome,

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