[Swan-dev] Merging algorithm tests?

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Wed Mar 22 17:43:57 UTC 2017

On Wed, 22 Mar 2017, Andrew Cagney wrote:

> We support multiple run scripts, they are run in C locale sort order
> (cf nss-cert-ocsp-01-strict).

Oh, I should try and use that new feature then!

> There's a tradeoff.  Constantly cleaning the slate means we don't
> notice the small amount of grime we leave behind (we might have
> noticed the PK11SymKey leak earlier) and no matter what the framework,
> being able to add tests that take each take ~1s is always going to be
> a win.

if you want to find those, we'd better run a bunch of tests under
valgrind? :) (but not all because it slows things down so much :)

> Here the only goal is to prove that when the two ends agree to
> aes-sha1-DH21, say, they perform the same operations.

As long as only 1 conn is loaded, sure. But if you load multiple
conns you need to prove it didnt actually pick the wrong one. That's
why simplicity is often better.

> I'm using auto add/delete up/down with a config file hardwired with
> algorithms.  It is probably possible to avoid this and specify the
> algorithms on the whack line but that means consulting the book of
> magic.

Yes, but I don't think that's really worth the trouble. You would be
doing the exact same thing but with whack.


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