[Swan-dev] Working in Libreswan project for GSoC

Asad Salman me at asad.co
Wed Mar 1 12:26:46 UTC 2017

I'm a third-year undergrad student of software engineering from Islamabad,
I have a strong, personal interest in information security, and was
absolutely delighted to see a new security related project accepted this
year in GSoC'17. I really hope to get the chance to work with you guys!

As for my background, I am largely self-taught in information security. My
interest was initially sparked when I was taught the ARP protocol as part
of my Computer Networks course. This, of course, lead me to try out the ARP
spoofing attack on my home network. I've been hooked since!

Driven by this interest, I have taken a graduate level Advanced Network
Security course (where I learnt about IPsec too). Apart from that I've done
a summer internship at one of the only cybersecurity places in my area (
Tranchulas <https://tranchulas.com/>). In December 2016, I attended ACSAC
<http://acsac.org/2016> (academic applied security conference) in L.A. on a
student grant as well. I'm also one of the recipient of Cisco's CCNA Cyber
Ops scholarship <https://mkto.cisco.com/security-scholarship>.

I liked the Opportunistic IPsec (using LetsEncrypt) project. Because a) it
is was one of the initial goals of Libreswan when it started out, and b)
zero knowledge/config encrypted traffic by default would be a *really *cool
thing to have in real life. Also, having some knowledge of IPsec, I think I
can genuinely contribute to this project. I also liked the TCP
encapsulation project too, though don't think kernel development is my

I'm really excited to work with you guys and dive into the Libreswan
project. Any recommendations on how to get involved in the code base (bug
fixes, patches etc) would be awesome.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Asad Salman
Islamabad, Pakistan
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