[Swan-dev] test suite status

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Sun Jun 18 15:40:32 UTC 2017

After a pause of a few months, I ran the test suite last night.
I tested HEAD, as of ce5d67b98214746e8e55a2a1c401343117dba1aa.

A *lot* of tests seem to have failed.  I looked at a couple of failures 
and got bored.  They were just random changes in XFRM logging and I had no 
way of knowing if they actually mattered.

Are these results expected?

  failed: 319
  failed/good: 319
  failed/good/output-different: 319
  ignored: 120
  ignored/kind!=kvmplutotest: 27
  ignored/status!=good: 93
  passed: 204
  passed/good: 204
  total: 644
  unresolved: 1
  unresolved/good: 1
  unresolved/good/output-different: 1
  unresolved/good/output-truncated: 1

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