[Swan-dev] new fedora22.mk missing a stuff

Antony Antony antony at phenome.org
Thu Jun 8 16:57:43 UTC 2017

I need the following packages too. I use for debugging. 


> I've added these (minus the version number):
> bind-utils-9.10.4-4.P8.fc24.x86_64
> net-tools-2.0-0.37.20160329git.fc24.x86_64
> psmisc-22.21-8.fc24.x86_64
> tcpdump-4.7.4-4.fc24.x86_64

well I am also adding to F25. You removed there too:)

> > Also not sure about removing from f25
> > dnf -y update 2>&1 |  tee /var/tmp/dnf-update.log
> It stops the kernel being upgraded, which I think is important.

ah that is your concern! Which I agree on F22, F25 klips does not compile yet:)
The solution to automatic kernel is: 

echo "exclude=kernel*" >> /etc/dnf/dnf.conf
This line will prevent kernel being updated with generic dnf update.

Which I had on F18 and F22 for a long time. Where "dnf update" was part of ks.
And one day and it got removed quietly. F25 I am hopping keep dnf update in the ks. 

Now I am also chasing selinux preventing charon from writing log. Too many surprises in testing:)

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