[Swan-dev] new fedora22.mk missing a stuff

Antony Antony antony at phenome.org
Thu Jun 8 10:20:47 UTC 2017

I noticed 079395 dropped several packages, from previous fedora22.ks,
that test vms need.

a few to list:
net-tools => route
psmisc for killall
other missing ones

I am adding them back. I have commit to push soon.
Was  it an accident or an optimization. If it is the later please discus.

Some tools are handy when running tests manually. that is why we have

Also not sure about removing from f25 
dnf -y update 2>&1 |  tee /var/tmp/dnf-update.log

Is there way to tell dnf update to pick a specific date/commit for update
so everyone building vm get same package versions.

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