[Swan-dev] Algorithm parser filtering unsupported algorithms

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 19:07:08 UTC 2017

On 22 August 2017 at 11:29, Paul Wouters <paul at nohats.ca> wrote:

> Merging them into one seems the best. If there is no different structs
> behind them
Done, and much dead code removed ...

> IKE algorithms wanted: AES_CBC-HMAC_SHA1-MODP2048
> IKE algorithms found:  AES_CBC_128-HMAC_SHA1-MODP2048

here, after some flip flopping I went with the former vis:


so it matches what the user entered; and doesn't, I think misleadingly,
show just the default key length when it is the MAX key length that will
likely be accepted.

> - for esp/ah the only difference is the addition of PFS in the first
> line (if at all):
> ESP algorithms wanted: AES(12)_128-SHA2_512(7); pfsgroup=MODP2048(14)
> ESP algorithms loaded: AES(12)_128-SHA2_512(7)
> I suspect, on both cases, the two lines can be merged into one?

and here, so that the output can be fed back into the parser, it was
changed to:


In the case of IKEv2, the other thing that might be interesting is a dump
of the raw proposal; but that is already is sent to pluto log.  Later.

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