[Swan-dev] Algorithm parser filtering unsupported algorithms

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Tue Aug 22 15:29:47 UTC 2017

Merging them into one seems the best. If there is no different structs behind them


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> On Aug 21, 2017, at 14:06, Andrew Cagney <andrew.cagney at gmail.com> wrote:
> The algorithm parser been changed to reject, up-front, algorithms that
> aren't supported.  For instance, a configuration containing:
>  ike=aes-aes_cmac,3des-md5
> is rejected outright because AES_CMAC isn't implemented in NSS.
> ESP/AH is similar (as determined by kernel_alg.c).  This is different
> to the old code which tried to discard combinations it didn't like;
> while still using the ones it did.   It isn't clear how well it
> worked, I suspect the above could lead to:
> - just 3des-md5 being proposed
> - both aes-aes_cmac and 3des-md5 being proposed and then the
> connection (or even pluto?) failing because the other end selected the
> first
> - an empty proposal (if fips was enabled say)
> I think the new behaviour is correct.  It prevents garbage getting
> into the proposal et.al. code.
> This, however does lead to some quirky log output when the "wanted" vs
> "found/loaded" algorithms are listed vis:
> - for ike the only difference is that 'found' includes the default key size
> IKE algorithms wanted: AES_CBC-HMAC_SHA1-MODP2048
> IKE algorithms found:  AES_CBC_128-HMAC_SHA1-MODP2048
> - for esp/ah the only difference is the addition of PFS in the first
> line (if at all):
> ESP algorithms wanted: AES(12)_128-SHA2_512(7); pfsgroup=MODP2048(14)
> ESP algorithms loaded: AES(12)_128-SHA2_512(7)
> I suspect, on both cases, the two lines can be merged into one?
> Andrew
> PS: The alternative, would be to do this in two steps:
> - just parse - wanted
> - just filter - found/loaded
> and display the result from both, but only feed the filtered list into
> the proposal code.
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