[Swan-dev] build dependency for version.c is broken ccd2cf87 ?

Antony Antony antony at phenome.org
Wed Apr 26 14:20:17 UTC 2017

On Tue, Apr 25, 2017 at 10:52:12AM -0400, Paul Wouters wrote:
> On Tue, 25 Apr 2017, Andrew Cagney wrote:
> >- the obvious problem is that the generated file version.c shouldn't
> >even be in the source tree
> Can we add these to .gitignore ?

Probably not necessary if the old behavior is restored.

Before this change, ccd2cf870, it was created in 

After ccd2cf870 it got moved up and now created
lib/libswan/version.c  and does not go away with "make clean"

I don't understand why not in the old behavior,
in  OBJ.linux.x86_64/lib/libswan/version.c ?


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