[Swan-dev] build dependency for version.c is broken ccd2cf87 ?

Antony Antony antony at phenome.org
Tue Apr 25 05:54:31 UTC 2017

I noticed libreswan build system is keeping a stale copy of lib/libswan/version.c possibly since commit ccd2cf. Also another related one is  modobj/version.c. The second one is probably due to a different issue. And it probably has a longer history.

To demonstrate the issue I picked a test case randomly.
The version reported in road.pluto.log and test directory are not the same.

in road.pluto.log v3.20-159-gccd2cf8-master
test directory suggest 3.20-178-g9ec5d42-master


It has been going on for over a week, on my testruns I would think something wrong with compile because pluto is recording old version. Start to blame 9p etc.... And re-run again and again. 

Now my guess ,as the this log suggest,  is lib/libswan/version.c's dependency is broken with commit ccd2cf.


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