[Swan-dev] GSoC draft proposals....

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Sat Apr 1 15:28:30 UTC 2017

Hi GSoC applicants,

I have read the submitted draft proposals. Thanks for submitting these
to The Libreswan Project.

Some proposals submitted could be made more readable and show that you
investigated the project and the proposal by adding some structure and
detail. For example:

- Introduction
   [describe your skills, and why you are interested in this project]
- The problem statement
   [why is the proposal something that libreswan wants to support. What
    problem does it solve?]
- The solution
   [When implemented, how will the problem be solved]
- The Implementation
   [Which parts of the code or processing needs to be changed/updated
    in libreswan. You can be generic, eg algorithm parsing, packet
    processing, configuration file parser]
- Verification of solution
   [how will you verify that your implementation is correct, this can be
    human testing, or preferably automated testing where possible]

As mentors, we have very limited ways to determine your knowledge and
skills. So anything you write that shows you have familiarised yourself
with the libreswan code or the RFC helps us determine if we think you
are skilled enough to take on the project idea.

Good luck!


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