[Swan-dev] subnetwithin and protoport anomalies

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Sat May 28 07:07:54 UTC 2016

In lib/libipsecconf/keywords.c, these are the only keywords that have 
kv_conn but neither kv_auto nor kv_manual.  (I'm not counting the "" 
keyword because I think that it is special.)

I would guess that they should be kv_auto.  Is this correct?

Note: kv_manual NEVER seems to actually be used except in the table 
initialization.  In other words, either it is accessed surreptitious or it 
is pointless.

kv_auto is used in confwrite.  It is used as part of the argument 
"keying_context" in calls to two functions.  Each function then uses that 
argument in a test:
	if (keying_context != 0 && (k->validity & keying_context) == 0)
This might be where a surreptitions use would creep in, but I don't
see it.


- it seems like the two keywords should be kv_auto

- is there a real use for kv_manual?
  If so: implement that use.
  If not: remove the attribute.

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