[Swan-dev] setting up tests on a brand new Fedora 23 installation

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Tue May 10 01:56:53 UTC 2016

On Mon, 9 May 2016, D. Hugh Redelmeier wrote:

> Next problem:
> Formatting '/home/build/pool/east.qcow2', fmt=qcow2 size=8589934592 backing_file='/home/build/pool/swanfedorabase.qcow2' backing_fmt='qcow2' encryption=off cluster_size=65536 lazy_refcounts=off refcount_bits=16
> error: Failed to define domain from vm/east.converted
> error: operation failed: domain 'east' already exists with uuid 2128fa8f-a251-4842-a149-bc93d9117e2e
> I don't know what to do about that.

Can you do:

make kvm-clean kvm-clean-keys kvm-keys
make kvm-update

I had asked Andrew for a make kvm-help target but it is not there yet. I
am not sure if ./testing/libvirt/install.sh is still the way to create
VMs from scratch.


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