[Swan-dev] should final.sh shut down pluto?

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 01:22:52 UTC 2016

On 24 June 2016 at 17:27, Antony Antony <antony at phenome.org> wrote:
>> My reason for putting run* first was to accommodate:
>> init.sh -- optional, run across all domains; probably just runs swan-prep
>> runNN<domain>.sh
>> teardown.sh -- replace final.sh, optional run across all domains
> sounds like too many changes at once.

Remember, we're trying define an end goal that we're all comfortable with.

> it could end up with complications!

Can you be more specific?

> teardown.sh sounds like final.sh

Obviously.  But notice how "i*", "r*", and "t*" are in alphabetic
order so the script run order can easily be determined using "LANG=C
ls -1 *.sh" (or the python equivalent); perhaps you have better names
that capture the same intent and preserve alpabetic ordering (which
can't be said of *init.sh *run.sh NN*.sh and final.sh).

>> however, current separation into *init*.sh and *run*.sh is very artificial:
>> - init scripts do stuff that arguably belongs in run
>> - the init script order is always: nic, east, west so might as well
>> spell that out
>> so just <nn>-<domain>.sh or <nn><domain>.sh is sufficwwient.
> Leave *init.sh as it is. Add support <nn>-<domain>.sh (nn >= 01) is a good step in the right direction.
> *init.sh will give indication which hosts are involved in the test.
> Create new tests with that. Once  happy with this we could migrate old tests.

To accommodate experimentation, kvmrunner.py already orders things:

first in order
- nicinit.sh on nic
- eastinit.sh on east
then in alphabetic order
- northinit.sh on north
- roadinit.sh on road
- westinit.sh on west
then in order
- *<domain>*.sh on <domain>
then finally:
- final.sh on all domains

so there's already something to play with.


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