[Swan-dev] testing shutdowns of pluto?

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Wed Jul 27 19:53:35 UTC 2016

> Since the final.sh scripts are no longer being run in parallel, the
> output may actually be stable - assuming "ipsec stop" blocks until
> things shut down.

That doesn't block, and whack --shutdown returns while Pluto sends notify/deletes. So I don't think it will be stable.

>> For example:
>> http://testing.libreswan.org/results/testing/2016-07-26-1948-3.18dr3-207-g57f5c49-dirty-master/nflog-01-global/OUTPUT/west.console.diff
>> http://testing.libreswan.org/results/testing/2016-07-26-1948-3.18dr3-207-g57f5c49-dirty-master/nflog-03-conns/OUTPUT/east.console.diff
>> This was probably one reason to not call shutdown in final.sh mostly,
>> although some testcases need to do some specific test and do that,
>> such as the nflog ones.
>> Paul
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