[Swan-dev] TESTLIST cleanout

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 16:20:53 UTC 2016



I assume the UML (Userland Linux?) testing is dead, so I'd like to
change all entries like:
   umlplutotest    ikev2-07-biddown                        good
to, pick 1:
   skip    ikev2-07-biddown                        wip
    kvmplutotest    ikev2-07-biddown                        wip
    #kvmplutotest    ikev2-07-biddown                        wip
it affects a lot of tests.

#2 (from IRC)

For all the below, replace "bad" and "incomplete" with "wip":

kvmplutotest    ikev2-delete-03-valgrind        bad
#umlplutotest    food-groups-clear-02    bad
#umlplutotest    food-groups-clear-or-oe-02    bad
#umlplutotest    food-groups-never-02    bad
#umlplutotest    food-groups-oe-or-clear-02    bad
#umlplutotest    food-groups-oe-or-die-02    bad
umlplutotest    transport-03        bad
kvmplutotest    ipv6-v6-through-v6-klips-klips        incomplete
kvmplutotest    ipv6-transport-mode-01-klips-klips    incomplete
kvmplutotest    ipv6-transport-mode-02-netkey-netkey    incomplete
kvmplutotest    ipv6-transport-mode-03-klips-netkey    incomplete
kvmplutotest    ipv6-tunnel-mode-01-klips-klips        incomplete
kvmplutotest    ipv6-tunnel-mode-03-klips-netkey    incomplete
kvmplutotest    ipv6-transport-ts-mode-04-netkey-netkey    incomplete



PS, I kind of think that TESTLIST is past its due date, it is
duplicating knowlege in each test directory

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