[Swan-dev] quagga/nhrp integration to libreswan

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Tue Apr 5 19:50:28 UTC 2016

On Tue, 5 Apr 2016, Timo Teras wrote:

> quagga master tree soon (and also opennhrp [2] - the earlier
> implementation of nhrp with racoon). I also worked on the Linux kernel
> IPsec/GRE drivers to make NBMA mode work.
> All of this implement NHRP protocol which along with NBMA GRE-tunnels
> and IPsec can be used to implement Cisco DMVPN [3].

That's great!

> 1. Initiate IKE+CHILD SA of specific connection to specific host. That
> is nhrp provides the connection name, and left/right IP-addresses
> (roughly equivalent of kernel sent acquire).
> 2. Terminate all SAs given the connection name, and IP-addresses.

That can be done with whack (see below)

> 3. Get information of IKE SA authentications (preferably including the
> DER certificate if using x509). This information is sent to optional
> nhrp triggers for authentication (e.g. to verify gre ip-addresses
> against the certificate before allowing their registration).

That is something we will have to add. Can you explain in a little more
details what you need.

> 4. Get information of CHILD SAs. The idea is that nhrp can then flush
> all nhrp mappings when last CHILD SA expires (or is killed by DPD).

so we have ipsec whack --trafficstatus but I guess you want a listing
of "conn-name source/mask <-> dest/mask" ? If there are many like you
suggest, would you want to ask pluto based on a conn name or a prefix?

> It seems that this is almost possible by means of whack and updown
> scripts. However, this would mean a lot of fork+exec on busy nodes (100
> to 10.000 active tunnels). Also the whack abi seems to be unstable, so
> in practice I'd need to exec the whack utility to do the work.
> So I'm wondering if there would be interest to get a more stable api to
> control libreswan supporting (at least) the above three features.
> Ideally, it'd be single unix socket connection that is event based
> (asynchronous) and accepts initiate/terminate requests and provides the
> ike/child sa notifications (+ sa db synchronization on connect in case
> nhrpd is restarted).

Whack in the end is also a simple socket, and you could implement whack
in your app so you can just use a socket. But perhaps we need to give
you a separate socket so there is no risk of accidentally blocking.

Thanks for reaching out to us, and let's keep the conversation going
to make this work with libreswan.


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