[Swan-dev] my Wednesday/Thursday test results

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Thu Sep 17 17:52:35 EEST 2015

As usual, I'm reporting changes from the previous run.

Became good:
> kvmplutotest	ikev2-01-fallback-ikev1	good
> kvmplutotest	ikev2-47-priority	good
> kvmplutotest	ikev2-04-basic-x509-nhelpers0	good
> kvmplutotest	ikev2-algo-sha2-05	good
> kvmplutotest	ikev2-43-init-retransmit	good
> kvmplutotest	nat-pluto-02	good
> kvmplutotest	algo-pluto-02	good
> kvmplutotest	interop-ikev2-racoon-02-psk-responder	good
> kvmplutotest	x509-pluto-frag-00	good
> kvmplutotest	x509-pluto-frag-03	good

Became bad (seems to be race conditions with ping and doesn't seem to
mean anything):
< kvmplutotest	nflog-02-conn	good
< kvmplutotest	nflog-03-conns	good
> kvmplutotest	nflog-02-conn	good!=bad,west:bad,east:ok
> kvmplutotest	nflog-03-conns	good!=bad,west:bad,east:ok

Test now passes but EXPECT failure is still logged:
< kvmplutotest	ikev2-liveness-07	good!=bad,EXPECT:east.pluto.log,east:bad,road:bad
> kvmplutotest	ikev2-liveness-07	good,EXPECT:east.pluto.log
"rw-eastnet-x509-ipv4"[1] #2: EXPECTATION FAILED at /source/programs/pluto/ikev2_parent.c:3940: !IS_CHILD_SA(st)

That expect call needs to be rethought.  I added it a year ago, in
a5018582bffd59ab5275875b78b24f1d07b4e3ed.  I need to read the RFCs

Pretty good.  Especially since I added a few passerts (not checked in).

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