[Swan-dev] my last two test runs

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Wed Sep 16 04:51:27 EEST 2015

Last night I checked in a change that couldn't be wrong, but was.

So last nights test run was a disaster.  You will hear no more about it.

Today, I fixed a bug in last night's commit.  Thanks Tuomo and Antony.

I ran the tests today.  Mostly OK, but all the changes were bad.  Most
look like luck-of-the-draw differences in packet flows.


interop-ikev2-racoon-02-psk-responder looks a bit odd:

 /etc/racoon2/vals.conf:12:1[MY_FQDN] len=7
 /etc/racoon2/vals.conf:12:1["east"] len=6
 /etc/racoon2/vals.conf:12:1[;] len=1
-/etc/racoon2/vals.conf:14:1[# Peer's FQDN : specify if you want to use FQDN as peer's ID	] len=61
+	] len=61
 /etc/racoon2/vals.conf:15:1[PEERS_FQDN] len=10
 /etc/racoon2/vals.conf:15:1["west"] len=6
 /etc/racoon2/vals.conf:15:1[;] len=1

As usual, I'm only reporting on the changes from the previous to the
latest test run (skipping the disaster).  That leaves unexamined
things that have been bad all along.

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