[Swan-dev] regression in 3.16rc1

Wolfgang Nothdurft wolfgang at linogate.de
Wed Nov 11 14:19:07 UTC 2015

Am 04.11.2015 um 09:11 schrieb Tuomo Soini:
> We have quite bad regression in 3.16rc1 which I'd vote for release
> blocker.
> A has auto=start,dpdaction=restart, ikev2=never
> B has auto=add,dpdaction=clear, ikev2=never
> When B disconnects tunnel it sends delete sa
> A disconnects and clears all states.
> So delete SA removes all states in case of auto=start which must not
> happen.
> If responder sends delete sa initiator stops retrying tunnel.

Are there any info about that?

Maybe it has to do with my problem:



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