[Swan-dev] typical make targets

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Fri May 22 23:37:25 EEST 2015

For easy reference, I've appended the sections of the INSTALL file I
updated earlier today.  Our test infrastructure is using the minimal

Building userland

        make all
        sudo make install

For a minimal install (no manpages) type:

        make base
        sudo make install-base

The file Makefile.inc.local can be used to enable/disable features
configured by mk/config.mk and mk/userland-cflags.mk

Optional building alternative KLIPS IPsec stack

On Linux 2.6 or higher for the running kernel:

        make module
        sudo make module_install

Build for a kernel different from the running kernel:

        make KERNELSRC=//usr/src/kernel/linux-9.42 module

Building KLIPS kernel module for the old Linux 2.4 kernel

        make module24
        sudo make minstall24

When using KLIPS with OCF:

        make CONFIG_KLIPS_OCF=y
module module_install

When called in openwrt/packaging/libreswan/Makefile to build kmod-libreswan

MODULE_DEF_INCLUDE=$${LIBRESWANSRCDIR}/packaging/openwrt/config-all.h module
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