[Swan-dev] allowing east as an "initiator"

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 20:15:41 EET 2015

I would like to have east initiate a rekey on-demand.  That is:

- have west establish an IKE-SA with east (we do this all the time)

- have east (the "original responder") make a request - here rekey but
could be anything(1) - presumably initiated by one of my hacked up wack

  I figured I could add an "eastrun.sh" containing a wack command I hacked
up and use that.  Alas, no.  swantest is strident that:

- east is not the initiator

- the initiator is initialized last

Sign.   Does anyone have a suggestion for how to do this?


(1) I only just pushed the still somewhat theoretical fixes that gives
pluto, as the "original initiator", a fighting chance of responding to such
a request
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