[Swan-dev] sanitize.sh vs re-sanitize.sh (vs swantest.sh)

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 19:56:44 EET 2015

(I was hoping re-sanitize.sh was a script to update the reference output,
little did I know)

It seems we've ended up with several different ways of checking a test

 - run from swantest
 - leaves empty diffs when a test passes :-(
 - doesn't check for crashes and assert failures :-(

 - run from pluto-testlist-scan.sh (nice script)
 - doesn't leave empty diffs :-)
 - doesn't check for crashes and assert failures :-(

 - checks for for crashes and assert failures

Does anyone see a problem with me cherry-picking the best bits:

- does the sanitize
- doesn't leave empty diffs
- does check for core files and assertion failures (those messages can be
put into the diff)
- and exits with 1 if the test doesn't appear to have passed

perhaps called postmortem.sh

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