[Swan-dev] replace "make check UPDATEONLY=1" with "make update"

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Thu Mar 5 04:20:17 EET 2015

On Wed, 4 Mar 2015, Andrew Cagney wrote:

[ok with your suggestions]

>       Works for me too. I guess it is better in case we have more docker tests
>       and "make check" is confusing about which testing system is used.
>             make kvmrpm=libreswan-3.12.rpm install
>       That needs more talk. It's not a valid rpm version and I'm not sure what
>       you mean to do with this command.
> I'm assuming the intent is to run "rpm" on all the kvms so that the custom libreswan is installed. I could use this :-)
> However, initially something like:

The intent was to create an rpm with that version. The tricky thing is
that this needs to make some changes to files containing a version
number (Makefile.ver / mk/version.mk and debian/ and packaging/*/*spec
files) and the CHANGES file. Currently "make release VERSION=3.13" does
this by creating a release/ directory and copying all the files in
there, then changing the the ones it knows about. Since this does not
use git export, it whines if the tree is not clean or pushed, so then
you often need to add FORCE=1 (I know you love these tweaks :)

We could alternatively make the version changes, commit them, then use
git archive to create the export and then chop off the head.

>     $ make kvm-run RUN="rpm -u libreswan-3.12.rpm" HOST="west"
> which would be syntactic sugar for:
>    ./testing/utils/runkvm.py --sourcedir <magic> --run "rpm -u libreswan.rpm" --host west
> might be useful.

Seems too complicated for me to remember :)


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