[Swan-dev] replace "make check UPDATEONLY=1" with "make update"

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 19:52:16 EET 2015

On 18 February 2015 at 15:35, Paul Wouters <paul at nohats.ca> wrote:

> On Wed, 18 Feb 2015, Antony Antony wrote:
>  Subject: Re: [Swan-dev] replace "make check UPDATEONLY=1" with "make
>> update"
>> my 100% wish.
>> make kvmprograms
>> make kvmprograms install
>> make kvmmodules
>> make kvmmodules install
As a first step I'll add:

$ make kvm-update

target to the top-level (it will support --sourcedir).  That way we've
something concrete we can refer to.  The existing "make update
UPDATEONLY=1" will be left alone.

Once the build system reliable, and everyone's had the chance to play with
this, we can look at some refinement.

BTW, I'm not sure if we'll ever have a target as generic as:

        ./testing/utils/runkvm.py --run "make %*"


- it needs the correct timeout for "%*" (perhaps infinite timeout?)
- per swan-update, we still don't trust clean and dependencies
- it needs to know the host (or hosts)

but we can probably get close

> Works for me too. I guess it is better in case we have more docker tests
> and "make check" is confusing about which testing system is used.
>  make kvmrpm=libreswan-3.12.rpm install
> That needs more talk. It's not a valid rpm version and I'm not sure what
> you mean to do with this command.
I'm assuming the intent is to run "rpm" on all the kvms so that the custom
libreswan is installed. I could use this :-)
However, initially something like:

    $ make kvm-run RUN="rpm -u libreswan-3.12.rpm" HOST="west"

which would be syntactic sugar for:

   ./testing/utils/runkvm.py --sourcedir <magic> --run "rpm -u
libreswan.rpm" --host west

might be useful.

>  I am also wondering if it is worth to able to pass options to swantest
>> make check [options] and the options are passed to "swantest"
> That would be nice, if we can tell it to only run v6 or interop or ikev2
> or gcm tests.
> Paul
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