[Swan-dev] time to delete old dist_certs shell script (attempt #2)?

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Wed Jun 24 21:52:01 EEST 2015

On Wed, 24 Jun 2015, Andrew Cagney wrote:

>> Why did you pick "east" as the one to do the work on?
> It's completely arbitrary.  The VMs are identical.

Note we would need to update the kickstart file for pyOpenSSL
and opssibly other pacakges for the guests. I don't really see
a good reason to generate those on a guest instead of a host.

We could add a check to see if the timestamp on the testing/x509
directory is newer that the certificate generated, and only then
regenerate all certs - all before starting the tests.

> - fedorabase gets created with everything on it
> - all the tests get cloned from fedorabase
> - fedorabase gets deleted
> So the short answer is "because it works" :-)
> (Now if only someone could explain why fedorabase gets deleted :-)

Because it is never ever used for anything anymore once the VMs are
created? Each VM has their own base +qcow file. Note this is what
slows virtual machines down over time. It's good to regenerate the
VMs every 2-3 months.


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