[Swan-dev] more testing woes

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Mon Jul 27 22:05:26 EEST 2015

Halfway through a test run, I found little progress was being made on my 
Fedora 21 system.

Actually, the first hint was that I could not get an X screen lock to even 
ask for my password.

Top told me that 100% CPU was being ysed by "mission-control", whatever 
that is (not Libreswan).  And 100% cpu was being used by 
gnome-settings-daemon.  And close to 100% used by network manager.  (This 
is all from my faulty memory).

After killing mission control and gnome settings daemon, I guess there was 
enough CPU left (of the 4 cores) that I could unlock my X console.

I blame systemd -- why not?  But I kind of wonder if something the 
testsuite did provoked it.  Like changing network topology frequently.

Something like this happened a few days ago too.

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