[Swan-dev] pointless test failures

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Sun Jul 19 22:11:07 EEST 2015

| From: Paul Wouters <paul at nohats.ca>

| Yes, I wasn't sure yet if we would leave it in like that but I guess we
| should, and update the reference output.

Reference output should change in sync with program output change.  
Either both in, or both out.  Mismatch is not a reasonable state.  If it 
is a bug, don't change the reference output, change the code.  But 
eliminating divergence should be a priority: it is a kind of 

| I have also been struck by the
| output gathering bug that stopped showing me the test output graphics.

The run is still quite useful.  testing/utils/pluto-testlist-scan.sh
still works.  That's what I used to find the problems I reported.

BTW, the number of useless test failures seems quite a bit better than
I remember.  Everyone: thanks for all the work so far.

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