[Swan-dev] testing: drifting reference logs

Antony Antony antony at phenome.org
Tue Feb 10 17:31:51 EET 2015

Recent, Feb 07 the, change to ipsec status output is confusing me. Is this an accident or real?  are we changing from ENCRYPT to AUTHENTICATE? 


Also note the new labels are confusing. SAREF_TRACK_CONNTRACK is an odd name "TRACK" twice. DISABLEARRIVALCHECK what does it mean? 

policy line is getting too long to read, where is 80 charecter police:)

About 130 tests failed because of this since Feb 7th.

It seems to have happened the following diff.
git diff -r 43a390 eab7838

and after that e182a48 pushed passed test cases even further down. Only 4 test cases passed this morning:)  

Lets fix the output and try not leave it so "broken" for long.


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