[Swan-dev] And then there were two (PRF implementations)

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Tue Apr 21 17:42:23 EEST 2015

On Tue, 21 Apr 2015, Andrew Cagney wrote:

Thanks for the background story on this :)

> - I suspect I even fixed a bitsize(pre-shared-key)==64 bug Paul found

I'll double check the == 64 and > 64 issues are gone.

> Which is of course all good news :-^  The not so good news is that after this we've still got two PRF implementations;
> crypt_prf.c.- used to generate "secure" keying material
> This version tries to keep things secure by using PK11SymKeys for everything (...).  Since the NSS hash function at the
> core of the PRF code takes a SymKey and returns a SymKey we expend a noteable mount of code (but probably not much time)
> concatenating SymKeys (and bits).  (Aside #1 I suspect Pluto could do better at storing more keying material in SymKeys).
> (Asside #2 don't be fooled by the hmac like crypt_prf.c interface, internally it manipulates symkeys).
> hmac.c - used to authenticate packets sent across the wire (what else?)
> This uses a lower level, and slightly more efficient, hash interface.  Since the low-level interface lets you feed the
> hash code raw buffers and symkeys there isn't as much shuffling of bits.  On the other hand, the result is stored in a
> byte buffer so "security" goes out the window :-) .  This isn't as bad as it sounds - the output is promptly broadcast
> across the internet :-)
> So why didn't I merge them?  As I've tried to explain, they have different security vs performance trade offs.  In my
> opinion, merging them really requires NSS to add a secure low-level hash interface (Perhaps it is already there, I
> couldn't find it under the mound of NSS documentation :-^).  I think crypt_prf.h serves as a model for what is needed :-)

On an IKE/IPsec server, I'm not very concerned about IKE performance.
The bulk of the CPU will be doing packet encryption/decryption I hope.

So the only performance concern is for DDoS attacks. And I don't think
hashing is the worst part in that compared to the DH work?

So I'm fine with consolidating this to one, even if it is the "slower"


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