[Swan-dev] Tuomo reports IPComp is broken

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Fri Sep 26 09:49:21 EEST 2014

For the record, Tuomo reported in IRC that IPComp is broken.

<bleve> DHR: your branch breaks ipcomp
<bleve> DHR: works on master.
<DHR> very interesting.
<bleve> DHR: conn with compress=yes can't be loaded on your branch.
<bleve> DHR: it complains that kernel doesn't support IPCOMP
<bleve> didn't check code at all yet.
<DHR> that sounds easy to find

[time passes]

<bleve> I couldn't yet find where ipcomp broke.

<bleve> 0f89cf332f64c7fab688434d2261e591b9f5057f add the logging line I 
get when trying to use ipcomp
<bleve> that is the commit breaking ipcomp, sorry, Hugh, this wasn't 
<bleve> hmmh. no.
<bleve> ipcomp works with that commit.
<bleve> but with hugh-2014aug branch it doesn't.
<bleve> at least with netkey.

<bleve> yes, even with latest master ipcomp works (with ipv4)
<bleve> with ipv6 I have never managed to use ipcomp but that's propably 
too old kernel...

I have no idea what's going on.  I hope that the test suite will help.  I 
think Paul told me to ignore the ipcomp tests.

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