[Swan-dev] status of openswan/libreswan in Debian and it's derivates

Harald Jenny harald at a-little-linux-box.at
Thu Sep 4 11:27:30 EEST 2014


first let me say thank you to everybody who worked and still works on
this codebase for such a long time. While I feel there is still the need
for many people to have this software packaged in Debian and Ubuntu I'm
quite sure I'm not the right man for doing it anymore. The current
situation is that openswan got kicked out from unstable and testing
while the versions in oldstable and stable seem to be broken by a
security upload. While I planned to do a transition to libreswan I had
to realize that I'm not using IPSec anymore and that I also lack the
time and the computing power to work on such a big task. As the freeze
for the next Debian release is approaching
(https://release.debian.org/jessie/freeze_policy.html) I think that if
people are interested in getting openswan or libreswan or both back I do
not want to block them anymore by standing in the path so I sent this
mail both to the openswan and to the libreswan developer mailing lists
as well as to the official package maintainer Rene Mayrhofer. As I'm not
subscribed to the lists anymore please keep me in CC (at least for
communication about handing over my agendas).

Kind regards
Harald Jenny

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