[Swan-dev] addconn: Fix for lsw#86

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Thu May 29 22:46:44 EEST 2014

On Thu, 29 May 2014, D. Hugh Redelmeier wrote:

> This eliminates the only use of dnh in struct starter_config.  It was
> never set.  So that's good.  I will delete it.
> 	ip_address dnh; /* next hop value */
> But there is also:
> 	ip_address dr;  /* default route */
> It looks as if that too is used but never set

> The difference here is that this code notices that the value hasn't
> been set (address type is 0, a kind of rough-and-ready-test) and then
> sets it to any.
> So I'll delete dr and eliminate its use.  And I think that the more
> conventional code for setting w->host_addr to %any is
> 	anyaddr(l->addr_family, &w->host_addr);
> Since this is just what case KH_IPHOSTNAME does, I'll move the case
> label there.


> struct starter_config also has
> 	bool got_default;
> Which is never used.  Coincidentally, so does struct config_parsed.
> I'll ditch them too.

hmm, not sure where that would have been used.

> Hunting around, I find some more fields that are never used:
> include/ipsecconf/confread.h: struct starter_config:
> 	bool nocrsend;
> 	bool nat_traversal;
> 	bool force_busy;
> 	unsigned int keep_alive;

These were removed config setup options.

> 	char *virtual_private;
> 	bool strictcrlpolicy;

These are still there.  We should investigate if these are lost or not.

> In struct starter_conn's enum called state, half the STATE_ values are
> never used.  In the same struct, this isn't used:
> 	bool changed;
> In struct starter_end, this is unused:
>        bool has_id_wildcards;
> I've eliminated all these and checked in the result.

Thanks, I'll try and have a look at the changes.


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