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Tuomo Soini tis at foobar.fi
Sat Mar 29 19:36:21 EET 2014

On Mon, 24 Mar 2014 14:24:29 -0400 (EDT)
"D. Hugh Redelmeier" <hugh at mimosa.com> wrote:

> | From: Tuomo Soini <tis at vault.libreswan.fi>
> | New commits:
> | commit cee6cf8a605e2a4b7b4935c43b530c3637a8c61a
> | Author: Tuomo Soini <tis at foobar.fi>
> | Date:   Mon Mar 24 20:10:36 2014 +0200
> | 
> |     timer.c: minor coding style cleanup
> I thought that The Style required that when parameter lists are
> broken across lines, a parameter gets lined up with the first one.
> 	function_call_with_long_name(param1,
> 				     param2);
> I prefer a simple indentation
> 	function_call_with_long_name(param1,
> 		param2);
> But that's not what uncrustify did.
> In any case, Tuomo switched a several calls from the first one to the
> second.  Is that now our style (it was, before uncrustify fixed
> everything)?  It makes for a lot of changes!

Uncrustify did wrong in these cases. It was supposed to use tabs only
but it used tabs and spaces. First one is wrong if it includes use of
spaces for indent. Tabs should be used and match as near as possible
with tabs. And no, I'm not perfect either with these. But those I tried
to fix included spaces for indent which is wrong.

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