[Swan-dev] disk usage on test machine

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Sun Aug 31 07:57:34 EEST 2014

I'm looking at disk usage on the machine that use to run "make check".

Large directories in build's home directory (in ascending order of 1K 
691316	libreswan
2948256	results
20908400	pool

So "results" is serious (larger than libreswan itself by a factor of 4).

But pool seems to be much large (21G):
828744	nic.qcow2
1261000	north.qcow2
2206732	swanfedorabase.qcow2
2303472	swanfedorabase.img
2542280	road.qcow2
5819596	east.qcow2
5946572	west.qcow2

Is there a simple way to redo the qcow2 files?  I think that every write 
in the VM to these filesystems adds a block and old ones are not recycled.
"qemu-img info" doesn't seem to tell me stats about this.

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