[Swan-dev] KLIPS crashes after kernel update

Thomas Geulig geulig at nentec.de
Mon Nov 4 10:48:02 EET 2013

Hi Roel,

Am Freitag, 1. November 2013, 15:33:16 schrieb Roel van Meer:
> I am seeing the problem that, while your fix makes my kernel not crash
> anymore, packets get an incorrect checksum so they are dropped at the other
> end.

yes, I'm having the same problem. The problem is with the transmitter
(Linux 3.4.66). My receiver is still on Linux 2.6.32. Both are running
openswan 2.6.39 btw.

I was so happy to see no crashes anymore :-(

I will look further into this.

Best regards


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